About Us


Five Star Accessories Inc. is a family owned business based out of New York, which has been providing premium quality accessories since 1982, for the consumer with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

We have built strong business relationships with some the best manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Thus enabling us to offer retailers not only the best designs, but also the most competitive pricing, and fastest deliveries in the industry.

Today Five Star sells licensed brands like Timberland, and Steve Madden, company-owned brands, and private labels. We cater to a large range of retailers, from specialty shops to department stores across the United States.


At Five Star we are committed to our customers. "Loyalty, Integrity, and Trust" are more than just a motto. It represents the very fabric of this family-owned business.

We believe that the attention to detail gives the products its life. The focal point of our story lies in our dedication to detail, and our commitment to designing, and producing the highest-grade men's accessories to perfection.


Our cordial connection with each of our consumers gives us a window into what the style demand is among the various fashion circles. The young and hip, The polished class or the unique flair of the perfect gentleman. Distributing a range of labels is key to providing for the business we cater.

We manufacture men's accessories with the utmost precision and quality. The way you present yourself is important to us. Therefore, no shortage in the amount of expert advice on quality, and style has been employed.

Here at Five Star, our accessories live up to their name.