F. A. Q.

Build your collection today. Start with Iced White & Licorice Black, then add your favorite jelly bean flavors. Jelly Bean Belts are made of silicone with a buckle made of transparent polycarbonate. This means that each belt is recyclable & biodegradable. You can now embrace fashion and technology at the same time. Mix & match buckles for a unique (two tone) look.









New Additions

Root Beer

Jalapeno Green

Blue Berry


Licorice Black


Arctic Blue

Cherry Surprise






Now in Pin Dots too



   Luscious Lime

Pink Lemonade




Orange Slice

Cool Mint

These belts are 46" Long with an easily removable buckle. Pop off the buckle & then cut the belt to your ideal length. Now pop the buckle back on and enjoy these fabulous fashion flavors.

Purple Passion

additional flavors to be added soon



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